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  • Vietnam demands Chinese ship leaves its exclusive economic zone

  • Vietnam has demanded that China remove an oil survey vessel and its escorts from the Southeast Asian country's exclusive economic zone, amid a month-long standoff in waters seen as a potential global flashpoint as the United States challenges Beijing's maritime claims.
  • Crab angrily clamps down on idiot’s hand

  • Ouch! A woman from Buon Ma Thuot, DakLak, Vietnam, knowingly stuck her hand into a sink full of crabs. According to her, she “just wanted to poke [them].” One of the angry crustaceans didn’t miss the chance to clamp down on her hand, hopefully teaching her a lesson to not mess with crabs anymore.  ...
  • More Than a Handshake: The Historic Origins of the Dap

  • The dap is more than just a handshake, it’s a symbol of solidarity, one with a long and proud history behind it. The origins of this greeting trace back to young Black American soldiers stationed abroad during the Vietnam War. With racism prevalent in the military and a new Black consciousness emerging during the civil rights movement, the young soldiers developed a physical language as a gesture of unity. Thus was born the dap, an acronym for “Dignity and Pride.” Photographer LaMont Hamilton has been studying the historical impact of the dap in his series “Five on the Black Hand Side,” telling the story of how the handshake came to hold such a profound place in Black culture.
  • On Woodstock: Richie Havens in his own words

  • The late folk singer Richie Havens wrote a reflection on Woodstock for in 2009. "With everything that was going on in the late 1960s -- the war in Vietnam, civil and human rights issues, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination -- we rallied and relied on strength in numbers. We came together communally to be heard and to be acknowledged," he wrote.
  • Chinese ship returns to Vietnam's exclusive economic zone

  • A Chinese survey ship returned to Vietnam's exclusive economic zone off its coast on Tuesday, ship tracking data showed, less than a week after it left the area where vessels from the two countries were locked in a month-long standoff.
  • Behind the deeply personal mission to bring Vietnam War vet’s remains home

  • This is the heartwarming moment a Southwest Airlines captain finally flew his Vietnam vet dad home — 52 years after he waved his father off to battle from that same airport. As pilot Bryan Knight made his final descent into the airport Thursday, with his father Col. Roy Knight Jr.’s remains on board, a touching message...

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