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  • Sister of suspected ISIS terrorist shot dead while trying to stab Florida cop

  • The sister of a man accused of planning a mass shooting for ISIS was shot dead moments after lunging at a Florida cop with a huge butcher knife, according to dramatic video released by police. Footage shows the unidentified officer calmly walking up to Heba Momtaz Al-Azhari, 21, on a bench outside Temple Terrace police...
  • Coronavirus ‘deaths of despair’ could reach 150K, new study suggests

  • Alcoholism. Drug overdoses. Suicide. These “deaths of despair” could reach 150,000 in the U.S. if more isn’t done to provide access to mental health care, increase emotional well-being, mitigate social isolation and blunt the impact of an economic downturn that has wiped away at least 40 million jobs, researchers warn. “More Americans could lose their...
  • De Blasio struggles to defend social distancing, coronavirus rules amid protests

  • Mayor Bill de Blasio struggled to explain Tuesday why large religious gatherings remain banned and businesses deemed nonessential are still closed under coronavirus-related orders as thousands pack city streets to protest the death of George Floyd. “When you see a nation — an entire nation — grappling with an extraordinary crisis that’s deep-seated in 400...
  • Greek tourism minister says all foreign visitors welcome

  • ATHENS, Greece — Greece is preparing to admit tourists from all over the world this summer but will be adhering to the advice of health experts to ensure it remains a safe destination in terms of coronavirus exposure, the country’s tourism minister said Tuesday. “Every tourist is welcome. … This has been a very stressful...
  • Child well-being disparities among minorities highest in US South and West

  • RIO RANCHO, N.M. — Childhood disparities around malnutrition, graduation rates, and early deaths are worst among rural, black-majority counties in the American South and isolated counties with Native American populations, according to a new report. Those inequities put these populations more at risk for the novel coronavirus, the report by Save the Children concludes. “The...

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