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  • The Hill releases long-awaited review of journalist who spread Ukraine conspiracy

  • Nearly two weeks after Donald Trump's acquittal, The Hill finally released its review of John Solomon, the opinion columnist who sparked the Ukraine conspiracy that caused Trump's impeachment trial. Oliver Darcy says, "At times in this review it's very critical of John Solomon's work," but "there really is no accountability it seems... and they stopped short of apologizing to the people, their readers." Julia Ioffe and Marko Suprun also join.
  • Ex-Ukraine diplomat Marie Yovanovitch lands seven-figure book deal

  • Marie Yovanovitch is cashing in with a book deal. The former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine who testified against President Trump at House impeachment hearings is getting seven figures from publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The book, a memoir that remains untitled, is expected to be released in spring 2021. “Yovanovitch’s book will deliver pointed reflections on...
  • Justice Department unease with Barr goes beyond Stone case

  • In recent months, as Attorney General William Barr stood on the sidelines of President Donald Trump's impeachment drama, he noted to associates how problematic the episode was for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. As details about the President's dealing with Ukraine surfaced, Pompeo became engulfed in the drama, and Barr and associates remarked how damaging it was to Pompeo's reputation inside the State Department.
  • Former Ukraine diplomat Marie Yovanovitch has a book deal

  • NEW YORK— Former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the career diplomat who during the impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump offered a chilling account of alleged threats from Trump and his allies, has a book deal.
  • Coronavirus outbreak: Ukrainian protesters hurl rocks at buses after falling for hoax

  • Enraged protesters hurled rocks at buses carrying evacuees from China to a Ukraine village and tried to block them from entering — after a hoax email emerged claiming that some of those on board had contracted the coronavirus, according to new reports. Chaos broke out in several places Thursday after a “fake news” email claiming...
  • Bus with Wuhan evacuees attacked in Ukraine

  • As global fears and misconceptions spread about the novel coronavirus outbreak, protesters attacked a convoy of buses carrying Ukrainian citizens and other nationals evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

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