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  • VIDEO: Bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

  • State authorities in Kyrgyzstan are trying to fight practices of bride kidnapping in the country. Two victims of bride kidnapping spoke to the BBC.
  • Russia says Kiev 'breaking accord'

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accuses the Kiev authorities of breaking last week's Geneva accord on resolving the Ukraine crisis.
  • VIDEO: Welsh on book inspired by fitness

  • Author Irvine Welsh has said his latest novel, which is written from a woman's perspective and set in Miami, had its genesis when he saw a fitness trainer berating a woman.
  • Saudi Arabia reports 3 more deaths from MERS virus

  • RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi Arabia's health ministry says three more patients who contracted a potentially fatal Middle East virus related to SARS have died amid a recent increase in infections.
  • Geelong beats Hawthorn to stay atop Aussie rules

  • MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — The Geelong Cats pulled away in the fourth quarter Monday to beat defending champions Hawthorn 15.16 (106) to 12.15 (87) and remain the only unbeaten team after five rounds in the Australian Football League.
  • Australia's Palmer says won't back government climate plan: report

  • Australian billionaire Clive Palmer speaks at a news conference to announce his plan to build Titanic II at the Ritz in London(Reuters) - Australia's government might fail to get the necessary backing for its planned A$1.55 billion ($1.45 billion) fund to pay big emitters to cut pollution, after a Senate minority party on Monday said it would vote against the plan. Mining billionaire Clive Palmer, whose Palmer United Party (PUP) will control the balance of power in the Senate from July, said he would not back the government's direct action Plan on climate change. "We can't see any reason to vote for direct action. We think it's hopeless," Palmer told Fairfax Media on Monday.


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