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  • Arctic declares state of emergency after thousands of tons of diesel leak into river

  • Almost 20,000 tons of diesel has been released into an Arctic river in an ecological catastrophe thought to be caused by thawing permafrost. Russian experts believe a giant fuel storage tank was damaged by collapsing soil due to polar warming. Pictures show the horror unfolding in the Ambarnaya River near Norilsk in the Russian Arctic....
  • Virus-tracking app angers thousands in Moscow with fines

  • MOSCOW — When nurse Maria Alexeyeva caught coronavirus at work, she isolated herself at home and followed the rules set down by Moscow authorities: She checked in with doctors regularly, didn’t leave her apartment and downloaded a smartphone app required by the city to keep tabs on quarantined patients. The Social Monitoring app tracks users...
  • EU balks at adding Russia back into G7

  • The European Union views the Group of Seven format as a vital multilateral framework that cannot be changed on a permanent basis by the chair of the group, currently the United States, an EU spokesman said on Tuesday.
  • Anna Kalinskaya documents painful fall after Nick Kyrgios breakup

  • Anna Kalinskaya has had better days. The Russian tennis star, who revealed her breakup last month from Australia’s Nick Kyrgios, shared a video of herself taking a painful tumble, likening the incident to the past year as a whole. “That’s how my 2020 is going,” Kalinskaya captioned the Instagram clip of her failed attempt to...

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