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  • Bungee cord snaps as Florida amusement park ride prepares to launch

  • Freaked-out amusement park riders say they “dodged death” when a bungee cord attached to a ride in Florida broke moments before they were launched into the air. Footage of the scare was captured Saturday night at Cobra Beach Adventure Park in Panama City Beach, where there was a mishap on the Vertical Accelerator rider, news...
  • Pint-sized, Poisonous and Imperiled: The Panamanian Golden Frog

  • The Panamanian Golden Frog is so rare that it may no longer exist in the wild. Mere inches in size, it's covered in deadly toxins to protect itself from predators. A combination of deforestation, poaching and a fungal disease has all but made this brightly-colored amphibian disappear. This is the Panamanian Golden Frog.
  • Vessels from Venezuela can still transit Panama Canal: authority

  • The Panama Canal will allow vessels coming from Venezuela to transit the waterway provided they present the necessary paperwork, the canal authority's chief said on Wednesday, suggesting a new round of U.S. sanctions on the South American country may not make any difference to canal traffic.
  • Man wearing a fedora robs Long Island bank

  • He’s missing his Bonnie Parker. Police are on the hunt for this Panama hat-wearing man — who allegedly robbed a Long Island bank on Monday before strolling away on foot. The off-trend suspect — who bizarrely paired his “summer style fedora” with a blinding blue T-shirt, dark jeans and black shoes — walked into the...

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