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  • What will happen when Earth reopens?

  • There's already an awkward pause when greeting strangers and familiar faces alike. Extended hands are met with dilated pupils and hesitation, elbow tapping is the dance craze no one saw coming, writes LZ Granderson. For all intents and purposes "earth is closed today"-- to quote Tony Stark -- but the more harrowing issue is we have no idea when we'll reopen for business. When will we be back to normal, if such a thing even exists.
  • So much for billions: Why Bloomberg’s White House bid failed so completely

  • “In just three months we’ve gone from 1 percent in the polls to being a contender for the Democratic nomination for president,” Mike Bloomberg said in Florida just as the Super Tuesday tsunami washed over his head. This was utterly delusional, even if they did love him in American Samoa. So then former Mayor Mike...
  • What ‘money in politics’ problem? and other commentary

  • Libertarian: What ‘Money in Politics’ Problem? Mike Bloomberg “spent $500 million in his bid for a Super Tuesday blitz” — and “came away with . . . American Samoa,” snorts Reason’s Eric Boehm. He didn’t win a single state, a “major disappointment for the billionaire who dumped nine figures of his personal fortune into the...
  • Analysis: Winners and losers

  • The biggest day of the 2020 Democratic presidential race -- with more than a 1,300 delegates at stake in 14 states and American Samoa -- is behind us.
  • Super Tuesday in photos

  • Voters in 14 states and American Samoa went to the polls on Super Tuesday. Here is how photographers documented the day.
  • Mike Bloomberg’s $500M campaign DOA on Super Tuesday

  • He’ll always have American Samoa! Mike Bloomberg’s $500 million White House bid quickly fizzled on Super Tuesday — the billionaire’s earth-shattering investment failed to produce big returns at the polling booth in his first outing of the primary season. The ex-Big Apple mayor scored his first and only win in American Samoa, a tiny US...

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