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  • UN names 21 countries with rape in conflict

  • UNITED NATIONS (AP) — A new U.N. report names 21 countries where rape and other sexual violence has been committed in current and recent conflicts, from Afghanistan and Central African Republic to Myanmar and Syria.
  • Hariri court summons Lebanon journalists for contempt

  • A man walks past a portrait of slain Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri on the ninth anniversary of his death on February 14, 2014The international court tasked with trying those charged with assassinating Lebanon's former premier Rafiq Hariri in 2005 said Thursday it had summoned two journalists and two media organisations for contempt. "Karma Mohamed Tahsin al Khayat from Al-Jadeed TV, as well as the station’s parent company New TV S.A.L., have been summoned to appear before the STL on two counts of Contempt and Obstruction of Justice," a Special Tribunal for Lebanon statement said. "Ibrahim Mohamed Al Amin from Al Akhbar, as well as the newspaper’s parent company Akhbar Beirut S.A.L., have been summoned on one count of Contempt and Obstruction of Justice," it added.

  • UN rights monitor criticises Bahrain over Shiite expulsion

  • Bahrain opposition group leader Sheikh Ali Salman (C) holds up a portait of cleric Shaikh Hussain Najati, during an anti-government protest in the village of Salmabad, on April 18, 2014The UN's religious freedom monitor on Thursday urged Sunni-ruled Bahrain to halt discrimination against its Shiite majority and its spiritual leader, who was expelled from the Gulf kingdom this week. The case of Sheikh Hussein al-Najati was a stark illustration of the broader mistreatment of Shiites in Bahrain, UN expert Heiner Bielefeldt said in a statement. He said that he had contacted Bahrain's government to press his "grave concerns" over what he said appeared to be "religiously motivated discrimination" against Najati. "Targeting the most senior and influential Shia religious figure in Bahrain may amount to intimidating and thus discriminating against the entire Shia Muslim community in the country because of its religious beliefs," he said.

  • Activists say Syrian airstrikes in north kill 30

  • FILE - In this Feb. 11, 2014 file photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad, hold up his portraits as they march during a demonstration is solidarity with government forces, in the al-Inshaat neighborhood of Homs, Syria. A Syrian lawmaker on Wednesday registered his candidacy for the June 3 presidential election, becoming the first contender in the June 3 vote that will held in the midst of the country’s civil war and has already been dismissed by the West as a farce. President Bashar Assad has suggested he would seek another term in office but has not yet announced his candidacy. (AP Photo/SANA, File)BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian government airstrikes struck a vegetable market in a northern rebel-held town Thursday, killing at least 30 people and wounding scores of others, an activist group said.

  • UN names 21 countries where rape in conflict

  • UNITED NATIONS (AP) — A new U.N. report names 21 countries where rape and other sexual violence has been committed in current and recent conflicts — from Afghanistan and Central African Republic to Myanmar and Syria.
  • Foreigner in Yemen kills would-be kidnappers

  • A Yemeni soldier mans a checkpoint in the capital Sanaa on April 23, 2014A foreigner living in Yemen shot dead two gunmen who tried to abduct him on Thursday, the defence ministry website said. "Two armed men tried to kidnap a foreign citizen as he was leaving a barber in Hadda Street in Sanaa," the ministry's site said of the unprecedented incident. "But he was able to resist and shot them with a revolver he had in his possession," the website said, citing security sources. But security sources told AFP the man is a Russian expert working in the oil sector, and that his attackers were Yemenis from the Marib region east of Sanaa.


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