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  • 7 luxury vacations in Mexico

  • The beach-camping crowd can still scrape by on a few pesos a week, but if you want to splash out, here's how to do it right
  • Deported mom in spotlight of Trump crackdown debate

  • An undocumented mother of two US-born children who was deported to her native Mexico after a routine meeting with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials has become the focus of a national debate over the Trump administration's crackdown on illegal immigration.
  • Mexican farmer's daughter: NAFTA destroyed us

  • While President Trump portrays Mexico as the big winner of NAFTA, Mexican farmers have been badly hurt by the deal. Now, U.S. farmers worry Trump will hurt their gains from NAFTA.
  • GOP senators aim to cut legal immigration by half

  • As the immigration debate rages with a focus on building a wall along the US-Mexico border, two Republican senators proposed a bill Tuesday that would take on an entirely different issue: legal immigration.
  • Super Bowl guacamole could get pricier

  • Enjoying guacamole during the Super Bowl? It could be more expensive at next year's game if President Donald Trump scraps a trade agreement with Mexico.
  • Trump order could shift how US treats asylum-seekers

  • In fewer than 50 words, a provision of President Donald Trump's border security executive order signed last week could upend the way the US handles asylum seekers at the southern border -- potentially causing a standoff with Mexico during already tense relations between the two neighbors.

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