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  • The surprises so far in the 2020 Democratic race

  • Some recent news stories verge on the bizarre: the House Democrats’ futile fuss over impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s acceptance of President Trump’s US-Canada-Mexico trade treaty. But they’re not as bizarre, or possibly as consequential, as unanticipated developments in the Democrats’ presidential nomination contest. Consider the role of money, which Democrats are always saying plays too...
  • Salvadoran man murdered in Mexico waiting U.S. asylum hearing

  • A Salvadoran man seeking asylum in the United States was kidnapped and murdered in the Mexican border city of Tijuana where he was sent to wait for his asylum court hearing under a migrant protection program instated by President Donald Trump.
  • Mexico's Grupo Lala chief to join JAB beverages arm - FT

  • Grupo Lala SAB de CV Chief Executive Mauricio Leyva is set to quit the company to join privately held JAB Holding Co as its senior adviser, the Financial Times reported on Thursday citing people with knowledge of the move.
  • In Mexico, an Underwater Dancer Performs in a Cenote

  • Dancer Julie Gautier has long dreamed of dancing in a cenote. She has traveled to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula in search of one of the swimming holes. Gautier is comfortable in the water in a way that most humans aren’t. She is a trained dancer and a free driver who can hold her breath underwater for 10 minutes. Dancing underwater is like flying for her, and Gautier lives for the freedom of movement. After touching down in Cancun, she heads deep into the jungle, receives a Mayan blessing and becomes one with the water. Great Big Story presents a film by Marriott Bonvoy.
  • How labor beat Mexico on trade

  • Meet the firebrand who could run to lead the AFL-CIO — House passes bill paving path to legal status for farmworkers
  • Heavy snow and rain to impact the northern and southern US

  • As a weak disturbance moves from the Dakotas towards the Great Lakes enhancing the threat of lake effect snow, another area of low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico will begin to form bringing moisture into the Southeast. Meteorologist Derek Van Dam has the forecast and timing of the snow and rain.
  • See the first community of 3D-printed homes

  • Housing non-profit New Story has partnered with ICON to create the first 3D printed housing community. The houses will be granted to families in Mexico living in extreme poverty and who are currently in make-shift housing.
  • Ex-CEO of Amazon Mexico fled to US after wife’s grisly murder: report

  • The former CEO of Amazon Mexico whose estranged wife was murdered in Mexico City fled the country days after she was shot dead in a suspected hit job, according to the report. Juan Carlos García allegedly entered the US on foot through a checkpoint near Tijuana, which borders San Diego, California, Mexican outlet La Jornada...

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