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  • The world’s 12 best secret beaches

  • Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico Avoid the crowds of Cozumel or Cancun, and instead head to the small coastal town of Mazunte, where three beaches — Mermejita, Rinconcito and San Agustinillo — are backed by thatched shacks selling seafood and cocktails. The area is home to the National Mexican Turtle Center, where there’s an aquarium open to...
  • Officials: Missing teacher killed in Mexico

  • Patrick Braxton-Andrew, a 34-year-old North Carolina schoolteacher, who disappeared last month in Mexico is dead, according to a post on the verified Facebook page of the Governor of Chihuahua.
  • ‘Go home!’: Trump doubles down on caravan ‘invasion’ claims

  • WASHINGTON – President Trump was back to warning Americans of an “invasion” of migrants coming up through Mexico. On Sunday, Trump tweeted a warning from the mayor of Tijuana, Mexico, who the president loosely quoted as saying his city was ill-prepared to handle the anticipated 10,000 migrants moving north. “No city in the world is...
  • Migrant caravan faces opposition from angry Tijuana residents

  • In blunt contrast to the warm reception, thousands of migrants received as they made the arduous journey through Central America to Mexico – receiving food donations and well wishes from locals – the nearly 3000 who reached the Mexican border with California in recent days have been with marked hostility.
  • Woman left in coma after botched nose job in Mexico

  • A Texas real estate agent was left in a coma with severe brain damage after she traveled to Mexico for a nose job — and the procedure went horribly awry. Laura Avila, 36, was on life support after the botched rhinoplasty — but her family made the painful decision to move her to hospice care...
  • The LGBTQ migrant caravan no one is talking about

  • Central American migrants who hitched a ride on a flatbed truck jeer at members of about 50 LGBTQ migrants who are also part of the caravan hoping to reach the U.S. border, on the road to Donaji, Mexico. For the dozens of transgender women and gay men, the journey has meant putting up with insulting...
  • EMERGING MARKETS-Latam FX gains against weak dollar, Mexican stocks snap losing run

  • Latin American stocks and currencies soared on Friday to more than one-week closing highs, aided by a soft dollar, with assets in Brazil and Mexico putting in particularly strong showings. The greenback weakened as markets perceived U.S. Federal Reserve Vice Chair Richard Clarida's comments that U.S. interest rates were nearing Fed estimates of a neutral rate as dovish. MSCI's indexes of L
  • Mexico border residents clash with migrants in Tijuana

  • Members of the Central American migrant caravan continued to pour into Tijuana on Friday, with about 2,000 arriving overnight — and another 1,200 on their way, according to officials. Authorities in the Mexican border city had to open up a gymnasium and gated sport complex for the migrants, since all of their shelters were reportedly...
  • TV host claims she was almost kidnapped in Mexico City

  • The host of hit UK TV show “A Place In The Sun” has revealed she was almost kidnapped when a gang tried to throw her into a car in Mexico. Danni Menzies, 30, was working as a model in Mexico City when she and a friend realized they were being followed. She said two cars...
  • Migrants in Tijuana feel squeeze from both sides of U.S. border

  • Central American migrants on Mexico's northern border are coming under pressure from two sides as the Trump administration blocks asylum to anyone entering the United States illegally, while local politicians question whether they should be in Mexico.
  • EMERGING MARKETS-Brazil gains on Bolsonaro's choice to head central bank, Mexican peso falls

  • Brazil's real and stocks rose on Friday, welcoming the incoming government's choice to head the central bank, while Mexico's peso weakened in line with other emerging markets that were pressured by uncertainties around Brexit. Returning from a one-day local market holiday, Brazil's real rose half a percent, while the Bovespa stock index hit its highest in a week, led by financial and material stocks. Paulo Guedes, President-elect Jair Bolsonaro's economy adviser,
  • Hannity – Thursday, November 15

  • On Thursday, Sean Hannity reacts to far left border politics as hundreds of caravan migrants reach the U.S.-Mexico border. Then later, Sean speaks with Piers Morgan to discuss the Trump Presidency and Hollywood’s hatred. Plus: Michael Avenatti’s arrest exposes deep leftist hypocrisy.
  • Tucker Carlson Tonight – Thursday, November 15

  • On Thursday, Tucker Carlson analyzes the left’s hypocritical dispute over the Georgia gubernatorial election. Then later, Tucker investigates the migrant caravan has hundreds arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border. Plus: Seventeen House Democrats vow to vote against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House.
  • Mexico's high court tosses law on policing by military

  • Mexico's Supreme Court invalidated a controversial law signed last year that created a legal framework for the military to work in a policing role in much of the country, ruling Thursday that the measure violated the constitution by trying to normalize the use of the armed forces in public safety.

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