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  • I send money home to Mexico to support my family

  • Mexicans living in the United States send billions every year to Mexico to support loved ones south of the border. President Trump could make it more difficult for Mexicans to send that money home now.
  • Mexico Drug War Fast Facts

  • Read CNN's Fast Facts about the Mexican Drug War and learn more about how the Mexican government has been fighting against drug traffickers since December 2006.
  • Despite big talk, Trump makes modest border wall ask

  • The White House is releasing its budget proposal Thursday with just $1.5 billion immediately earmarked for the President's oft-promised Southern border wall with Mexico -- a reflection of the fact that the administration doesn't yet know what it wants the wall to look like, the budget director said.
  • Mexico City Travel Guide

  • Mexico City Travel Guide: Find out why the sprawling, unofficial capital of the Latin world is a sleeper fave among worldwide travelers with this insider guide.
  • Cancún Travel Guide

  • Cancún Travel Guide: There's more to Mexico's Caribbean capital than wet T-shirts and shooters. Dive into its aqua waters and get the best tips from insiders.
  • Border mystery: Where are the immigrants?

  • Trump should reconsider withdrawing from NAFTA, says Tim Kane, because it could help increase financial stability in Mexico, which would curb illegal immigration at the border
  • My American job is moving to Mexico

  • Brian Reed is losing his job to Mexico after a 24-year career at Rexnord in Indianapolis. His story is one painful thread in the complex narrative of free trade.
  • A massive Mexico-US raw sewage spill is under investigation

  • With millions of gallons of raw sewage spilled into the Pacific Ocean surface and onto the shores of southern California, officials in the United States and Mexico have launched a bi-national investigation into the spill that apparently originated in Mexico.

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