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  • Rep. Duncan Hunter climbs over ‘border’ fence, doesn’t reach Mexico

  • A nighttime video of Rep. Duncan Hunter surmounting a low barrier in Arizona is gaining attention after it turned out he had incorrectly assumed he was crossing the US-Mexico border. “So here is the grand border wall in Yuma, Arizona,” the California Republican says in front of the structure.”This is what we expect to stop...
  • New Jersey teen rescued from illegal immigrant who abducted, raped her: cops

  • An illegal immigrant from Mexico got pulled over this week in Ohio with a 15-year-old girl — who turned out to be a child sex slave from New Jersey, according to cops. Juan Carlos Morales-Pedraza, 33, is accused of abducting the teen in Paterson, NJ, and sexually assaulting her. He was on his way to...
  • Building Beautiful Monsters

  • All across Mexico, fantastical creatures can be found dotting the streets, covered in bright colors, giant wings, bulging eyes and viper tongues. These are alebrijes, papier-mâché creations that have become a staple of Mexican folk art. But how did these beautiful monsters come to be? That’s all thanks to one man with a dream. As history has it, after falling into an unconscious state, Pedro Linares dreamed up a series of horrific creatures. Upon waking, he created his first sculpture. Today, his family continues to carry on the tradition of monster-making, keeping Pedro’s visions alive. This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis.
  • Cal Thomas: The exception that is Costa Rica

  • LIBERIA, Costa Rica — In the ongoing U.S. debate about immigration, the Central American countries of Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala are mainly in the news because many of those crossing our border from Mexico are from these nations. Why isn’t Costa Rica experiencing a similar mass exodus?
  • EMERGING MARKETS-Most Latam currencies rise as dollar weakens

  • Most Latin American currencies firmed on Wednesday as the dollar weakened after upbeat economic data from China eased some fears of a slowdown in its economy. Currencies of Mexico, Chile and Colombia strengthened between 0.2 percent and 0.4 percent, but Brazil's real weakened 0.6 percent and hit a two and a half week low. The dollar lost ground after China reported unexpected economic growth in the first quarter, adding to positive economi
  • Trump is looking to give sanctuary cities just what they asked for

  • President Trump scored a win on Friday, when a federal appeals court gave a temporary green light to his Remain-in-Mexico program. The idea is to keep asylum seekers south of the border until they get their day in court. It’s urgently needed to help border towns like McAllen, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley region,...
  • Mexico president sets aside education reform

  • Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has ordered his Cabinet ministers to ignore the education reforms put in place by the previous administration while congress tries to work out replacement legislation.

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