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  • defeats IRS appeal in U.S. tax dispute

  • Inc on Friday defeated an appeal by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in what the online retailer has called a $1.5 billion dispute over its tax treatment of transactions with a Luxembourg subsidiary.
  • Rare tornadoes in Europe caught on video

  • A tornado ripped through the city center of Amsterdam and was captured on video. It picked up debris and flew over a river. Another tornado was also captured on video in Luxembourg.
  • Senate approves four long-delayed tax treaties

  • The U.S. Senate on Wednesday approved long-delayed updates of tax treaties with Switzerland, Japan and Luxembourg, a day after ratifying a similar update of a treaty with Spain in a victory for businesses.
  • How to sign up for Amazon Prime before Prime Day 2019

  • Digital Black Friday is nearly upon us. The online blowout sale that is Amazon Prime Day 2019 will span will span 48 hours this year, beginning at midnight Monday, July 15. The two-day discount event is open exclusively to Prime Members in certain markets — including the United States, UK, Spain, Singapore, Netherlands, Mexico, Luxembourg,...
  • Facebook US data transfer case goes to Europe’s top court

  • LONDON — An Austrian privacy campaigner’s long-running legal battle against Facebook over its data transfers to the U.S. has reached Europe’s highest court. The European Court of Justice is hearing arguments Tuesday on whether Facebook’s Dublin-based subsidiary can legally transfer users’ personal data to the U.S. parent company. The court, based in Luxembourg, is expected...
  • EU leaders agree on top jobs: Tusk

  • European leaders have agreed on who should fill the top jobs for its main institutions for the next five years after a marathon summit, European Council President Donald Tusk and Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said on Twitter.

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