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  • Merkel criticizes Netanyahu plan to annex Jordan Valley

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's announcement last week that he intended to annex the Jordan valley in the occupied West Bank, saying it hurt efforts to negotiate a peace deal.
  • Guy Ziv and Benjamin L. Shaver: Silence on annexation from Netanyahu's rivals

  • Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to annex the Jordan Valley, announced one week before Israel's election re-do, is an act of desperation by an embattled prime minister looking to shore up his right-wing base. Yet without the acquiescence of his friend in the White House, President Donald Trump, and the virtual silence of his centrist rivals on the territorial issue, Netanyahu would not be upping the ante in this way—after declining to make such plans during his 13 years in power.
  • JPMorgan metals traders accused of manipulating prices

  • Three JPMorgan Chase traders were accused by the Justice Department on Monday of masterminding a “massive,” eight-year scheme to manipulate international markets for precious metals like gold and silver. From 2008 to 2016, Michael Nowak, Gregg Smith, and Christopher Jordan were involved in placing thousands of scam orders into the precious metals markets in order...
  • Ross and Makovsky: Netanyahu is endangering the future of a two-state solution

  • Israelis are about to go to the polls. It is tempting to call the upcoming national election on September 17 a referendum on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, now Israel's longest-serving leader, who faces corruption charges (all of which he denies). Perhaps because of these legal troubles, alongside his fear that smaller right-wing parties will siphon off votes from his Likud Party, Netanyahu has now declared that if he remains prime minister after the elections, he will annex the Jordan Valley and all settlements, pending consultation with the United States.

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