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  • Reps. Roy, Jordan, Biggs, Cloud: Pelosi, Dems just don't care about our national emergency

  • House Democrats spent two years in the minority last Congress admonishing Republicans for not doing enough to protect and care for migrant children crossing the nation’s southern border. Now in the majority with control over the House floor, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her conference are poised to let funding for the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) program run out. Why? They never cared in the first place.
  • Blues nip Sharks on way to first Stanley Cup Final in decades

  • ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis Blues are marching into the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in decades. David Perron had a goal and an assist, Jordan Binnington picked up his franchise-record 12th playoff win and the Blues beat the San Jose Sharks 5-1 in Game 6 of the Western Conference final Tuesday...
  • DNA test turns British day laborer into overnight millionaire

  • He went from serf to lord of the manor overnight. A dirt-poor British day laborer inherited a $63 million countryside mansion — thanks to a DNA test that proved he was the son of a late aristocrat. Jordan Adlard-Rogers was struggling to pay his bills when he realized his rich family roots — and that...
  • Adam Gase ousts Jordan Leggett, another Maccagnan draft failure

  • Adam Gase is keeping busy as interim general manager. The Jets cut tight end Jordan Leggett on Monday, the team announced, marking Gase’s third move since taking over for the fired Mike Maccagnan. Gase had previously traded 2016 first-rounder Darron Lee to the Chiefs and signed punter Matt Darr. Leggett, like Lee, represents another Maccagnan...
  • Bethpage Black humbled Jordan Speith, but didn’t break him

  • For the second year in a row, Jordan Speith came into the PGA Championship with a chance to complete the career Grand Slam. But looking at the behemoth of Bethpage Black, Spieth knew that was unlikely. So it was with great admiration for himself that he left after a final-round 71 on Sunday that put...

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