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  • De Blasio goes on TV and professes his love for ska

  • Your move, Beto. Mayor Bill de Blasio went on CNN Tuesday and professed his love for ska — the Jamaican music genre that fused with punk in the mid-1990s. Hizzoner let it be known during a “New Day” segment called “Candidate Mixtape,” in which presidential hopefuls discuss their musical tastes. “How do you feel about...
  • Man blamed ‘brain surgery’ after allegedly stabbing wife to death

  • A Queens man was charged Tuesday for allegedly stabbing his wife to death and bashing her with a cutting board — and tried to blame his “brain surgery” for making him snap, according to police sources. Isidro Pacheco, 56, turned himself into the 103rd Precinct in Jamaica on Monday after wife Isabel Galeano, 44, was...
  • ‘The Sun is Also a Star’ review: Young love story lacks heat

  • Once again, with the odds stacked against them, two extremely attractive people have fallen in love. The latest smoldering pair are Natasha (Yara Shahidi) and Daniel (Charles Melton) from “The Sun Is Also a Star,” a sweet but soupy adaptation of a young adult novel. Natasha is a Jamaican high school senior in NYC whose...
  • Queens toddler dies after being locked inside burning car

  • A toddler girl died in Queens on Sunday after being locked inside a burning car, sources said. The child, said to be two or three-years-old, was pried out of the backseat of the flaming Audi A6 Sedan near Baisley Boulevard and 155th Street just before 9 p.m. and rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where she later...
  • More than 100 teens given free prom dresses at NYPD giveaway

  • For a few hours, they were the queens of Queens. More than 100 teens were treated like royalty, complete with a red carpet to strut down, a throne to sit upon and sparkling cider to sip, at a prom dress giveaway in Jamaica Saturday. “Walking down the red carpet made me feel like I was...

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