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  • Queens thief throws 61-year-old woman into street, steals purse

  • A Queens crook threw a 61-year-old woman to the ground and took off with her purse, disturbing new video shows. Surveillance footage released by cops early Wednesday shows the suspect approaching the victim from behind around 7:25 a.m. May 19 on 97th Avenue near Brisbin Street in Jamaica, grabbing a hold of her purse —...
  • Ex-NYPD detective claims years of harassment in federal lawsuit

  • An ex-NYPD detective says he was fired on trumped-up public masturbation charges just weeks before his scheduled retirement, according to a new federal lawsuit. Robert Francis, 49, a Jamaican immigrant and US Army veteran, said his termination followed years of discrimination and harassment within the ranks of the department, starting with his transfer to the...
  • Two men wounded in dramatic early morning Queens shooting

  • Police surrounded a Queens home after shots were fired outside, leaving two men hurt. The drama unfolded outside 139-29 Glassboro Ave. in Jamaica shortly before 4 a.m. Saturday, police said. One man, 25, was shot in the torso and another, 44, was shot in the leg, cops said. At one point, police surrounded the Glassboro...
  • NYC doc busted for using inmates’ names to write oxycodone scripts

  • A Queens doctor was busted for writing oxycodone scripts in the name of federal and state inmates he had never treated to obtain pills that could be sold on the black market, authorities alleged Thursday. Dr. Dalmacio Francisco, 75, of Jamaica, allegedly wrote scripts for the highly addictive opioid in the name of co-conspirator Michael...
  • Shad Gaspard’s swimming disappearance devastates wrestling community

  • The WWE community has been devastated by the news of Shad Gaspard’s disappearance while swimming at Venice Beach. Gaspard has not been an official part of WWE since 2010, but has wrestled in independent circuits to stay involved in the sports entertainment industry. Several wrestlers, including current WWE stars Kofi Kingston and MVP, tweeted out...

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