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  • Kamala Harris’ dad says her pot use story was ‘identity politics’

  • The Jamaican father of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris blasted her for saying she smoked marijuana and supports it becoming legalized, claiming she’s playing “identity politics.” Donald Harris, an economics professor at Stanford University, said she is harming her family’s Jamaican ancestors. “My dear departed grandmothers … as well as my deceased parents, must...
  • Security guard at JFK Airport killed in elevator accident

  • A security guard was fatally crushed by an elevator at JFK Airport, law-enforcement sources said Wednesday. Dillon Jobe, 40, was working at a Lufthansa cargo building at the Queens airport around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday when an elevator came down on top of him, sources said. Jobe was rushed to Jamaica Hospital in respiratory arrest and...
  • Dog lost in Camp Fire reunited with family 101 days later

  • A dog who went missing amid the devastating Northern California wildfire was reunited with his family this week — more than 100 days after the blaze. “He’s a true survivor,” Gabriel Ballejos told KXTV about his pup, Kingston. “And it’s a testament to the American spirit.” The 12-year-old Akita jumped out of the family’s truck...
  • What will Kofi Kingston’s Elimination Chamber show mean for WrestleMania?

  • The women appeared ready to steal another show until Kofi Kingston provided Elimination Chamber with a compelling and emotional finish in defeat. Kingston, who was phenomenal in surviving more than an hour in last week’s gauntlet match on “SmackDown Live,” was a replacement in the Elimination Chamber bout for the WWE championship because Mustafa Ali...
  • Athletics: Jamaica sticking with June world trials dates

  • The Jamaican Athletics Federation is sticking with its decision to hold their world championships trials during a period typically reserved for Diamond League and other meetings despite concerns from track and field stakeholders.

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