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  • Man killed after fire tears through Queens home

  • A man died on Thursday night when a fire tore through his Queens home, cops said. The 59-year-old victim was inside a home at 163-53 Mathias Avenue in Jamaica when the blaze broke out at around 8:30 p.m., according to police. Firefighters discovered the man on the second floor of the building once the fire...
  • Why does no one want Donald Trump’s childhood home?

  • Nobody in New York wants to live in Donald Trump’s childhood home. And with an asking price that’s two times the Queens neighborhood’s median sale price, who would? The modest 2,000-square-foot Jamaica Estates house, where Fred Trump raised the Donald, will once again face the hammer on Nov. 14. Qualified bidders are being asked to...
  • Lightning strike sends Jamaican soccer players to hospital

  • A lightning strike sent multiple players to the hospital during a soccer game between two Jamaican schools. Video of the incident shows a flash, followed by several players falling onto the field in a scary moment. One student was carried off the field on a stretcher as he did not respond to treatment on the...
  • Couple busted with $1.25M in cocaine on cruise ship blames ‘Jamaican man’

  • An elderly British couple busted on a luxury cruise ship with nearly $1.25 million worth of cocaine is dumping the blame on a mystery Jamaican businessman they call “Lee,” according to a new report. Roger Clarke, 72, a former chef, and wife Sue, 71, a retired secretary, were arrested on Dec. 4 in Lisbon when...
  • Inside the deadly vaping crisis that’s gripping the nation

  • St. John’s University student Taylor Healey was puffing on an e-cigarette one night in February when she suddenly became violently ill. Healey, 21, said she’d taken between 25 and 35 puffs of a mint-flavored Juul pod while hanging out with friends near the school’s Jamaica, Queens, campus when her mouth started to water and her...

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