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  • Vlad Namestnikov is test case for buying into David Quinn’s vision

  • Regarding David Quinn’s Rangers: 1. Vlad Namestnikov has set the template for Ryan Strome, a silky, skill-oriented forward who is going to have to add a couple of tablespoons of grit to his game in order to play a meaningful role for this team. Namestnikov has been a revelation the past three weeks following a...
  • With new CEO, Telecom Italia 'opera' edges towards finale

  • Barely a year into the job as the boss of Italy's biggest telecoms company, Amos Genish had just finished celebrating a joint venture with electronics group Samsung at a dinner in South Korea when a WhatsApp message arrived sealing his fate.
  • 'My Brilliant Friend' lives up to its name

  • "My Brilliant Friend" lives up to its adjective, creating such a rich, exquisitely rendered plunge into mid-20th-century Naples that it's difficult not to get totally sucked into the hardscrabble, small-village lives. Shot in Italian, after watching six of the eight episodes, there's not much to say but "fantastico."
  • Rangers are willing to put in work with their big new trade piece

  • All the way from Edmonton and straight into the lineup. Ryan Strome arrived at the Garden on Saturday in time to make his Rangers debut in a 4-2 win over the Panthers after coming over in Friday’s trade with the Oilers for Ryan Spooner. “We feel his best hockey is ahead of him and that’s...
  • Golf: Italy's Molinari stays on track to win Race to Dubai

  • Francesco Molinari remained on track to become the first Italian to win the European Tour's season-long Race to Dubai after carding a 70 to sit at five-under par heading into the final round of the DP World Tour Championship on Saturday.
  • Amanda Knox engaged to longtime boyfriend

  • Amanda Knox, whose legal drama gripped the world after she was accused of murdering her roommate while studying abroad in Italy, is engaged to her longtime boyfriend.

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