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  • Pope decries that 'wealthy few' feast on what belongs to all

  • Championing the cause of the poor, Pope Francis on Sunday lamented that "the wealthy few" enjoy what, "in justice, belongs to all" and said Christians cannot remain indifferent to the growing cries of the exploited and the indigent, including migrants.
  • The Vatican’s grievous blow to Americans’ faith

  • We pray the Vatican didn’t realize what a blow it struck to the faith of American Catholics last week. Its curt and abrupt order to the US bishops — a directive to put off for months any vote on their planned new anti-abuse protocols — threatens to deepen divisions within the church. Disastrously. As Sohrab...
  • Priest who called Pope Francis an ‘antipope’ excommunicated

  • ROME — An Italian Catholic priest who considers Pope Francis an antipope and claims to have supernatural communications with angels, saints and the Madonna has been excommunicated. The archdiocese of Monreale, Sicily said the Rev. Alessandro Minutella was informed Tuesday of his excommunication for spreading “heresy and schism.” Monreale Archbishop Michele Pennisi issued a public...
  • US Catholic bishops moving forward despite controversial Vatican directive

  • The bishops had planned to vote on two crucial issues dealing with the clergy abuse crisis by enforcing a code of conduct for bishops and creating a civilian-led investigative body that would field complaints of abuse concerning bishops. Instead, at the last minute, the Holy See directed them to not take action on either of those issues.
  • The Story w/ Martha MacCallum - Tuesday, November 13

  • On Tuesday, Martha kicks off the hour with a story about First Lady Melania Trump requesting the removal of a National Security aide, with the search going deeper to find victims and any survivors in California's fire swept areas, and American Catholics angered over the Vatican delaying tactics.

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