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  • US sanctions suspected Honduran drug trafficker

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Treasury Department is levying sanctions against suspected maritime drug trafficker Carlos Arnoldo Lobo for moving multi-ton loads of cocaine for Mexican, Guatemalan and Honduran drug kingpins and their organizations.
  • Guatemalan president eyes drug legalization proposal in late 2014

  • Guatemala's President Otto Perez Molina, speaks during the opening of the inauguration of the World Economic Forum on Latin America, in Panama CityGuatemala could present a plan to legalize production of marijuana and opium poppies towards the end of 2014 as it seeks ways to curb the power of organized crime, President Otto Perez said on Wednesday. Perez, a conservative retired general who broke ranks with the United States by proposing drug legalization shortly after he took office at the start of 2012, has yet to put forward a concrete plan on how it could be done. "The other thing we're exploring ... is the legalization of the poppy plantations on the border with Mexico, so they're controlled and sold for medicinal ends," Perez said. "These two things could be steps taken on a legal basis." Opium poppies are used to make opium, heroin and pharmaceutical drugs such as morphine and codeine.

  • Taiwan to deliver Portillo bribery report to Guatemala

  • A file picture taken on October 28, 2002, shows the then Guatemalan president Alfonso Portillo in Guatemala CityTaiwan will deliver next week a report on statements by ex-president Alfonso Portillo that he received millions of dollars in bribes from Taipei for diplomatic recognition, Guatemala said late Friday. Portillo (2000-2004) pleaded guilty Tuesday in a New York courtroom to receiving the bribes to offer diplomatic recognition to Taipei over Beijing. Taiwan will hand over to Guatemala a report related to Portillo's recent declarations, the country's foreign ministry said in a statement.

  • Guatemala ex-leader accepted bribes

  • Guatemala's ex-President Alfonso Portillo says he took bribes from Taiwan and pleads guilty to a money laundering charge in a court in the US.

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