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All web sites are different and navigating a site can sometimes be confusing. Here we answer some of the questions we most frequently encounter. If you have any problems using InsideWorld features or have any questions or recommendations, please contact us at The InsideWorld staff is happy to be of assistance and all feedback is appreciated.

Question: Is this really a free service?
Answer: Yes, InsideWorld News is free of charge.

Question: How do I sign up?
Answer: Signing up is easy. Go to the Sign up page and follow the steps. First you need to setup an InsideWorld account. You will be asked for your e-mail account (user name) and a password and some additional information. Than click submit and your account is set. Now you will be redirected to your account or member page. Here you can select for which countries you want to receive news or use the account management features.

Question: When will I start receiving InsideWorld News?
Answer: After you have selected the desired country news services on your personal account page you will start receiving news immediately. News is broadcasted once every workday, so you can expect your first daily InsideWorld mail no later than the next workday.

Question: Should I accept your cookies?
Answer: Many features of InsideWorld or only accessible to registered members - membership is free - and to verify your identity you are asked to enter your e-mail address (username) and password. When you enter this information you can allow InsideWorld to store a cookie on your browser. This way identification will be done automatically whenever required, skipping the log-on procedures. So accepting an InsideWorld cookie makes it a lot easier for registered users to use the site and your privacy is guaranteed (privacy statement).

Question: What is my account page?
Answer: Each user has his or her individual account or member page. You can log-on my clicking the "manage your account" buttons on the InsideWorld pages or by going to address Identification is required. On your account page you select for which countries you want to receive news. Here you can also unsubscribe, change your e-mail address, search the archives, and much more. Your account page is your personal InsideWorld home page.

Question: I have forgotten my username and password. What should I do?
Answer: Easy. Your username is your e-mail account. Simply check your copy of the daily news. Remember your address is case sensitive. To get a copy of your password follow this link and enter the e-mail address (user name) you used to subscribe. Click submit and you will receive a copy of your password by e-mail within minutes.

Question: My e-mail address changed. How do I keep receiving InsideWorld?
Answer: Changing your e-mail address is easy. Just go to your member page and click "Change e-mail". Enter your new e-mail address and click submit. Your account will be changed immediately. Open a new browser window and log-on to your account or member page using your new e-mail address and password. Remember to update your cookies!

Question: How can I view my e-mail in a dynamic HTML format?
Answer: InsideWorld News is sent to your e-mailbox automatically in the format that you select when completing Step 1 of the registration form. To view your e-mail in an HTML format, with graphics and dynamic images, choose the HTML option in Step 1. If you prefer to receive the news as text-only, or if your e-mail program does not support HTML messages, choose Text-Only in Step 1.

Question: How can I change the format in which I receive the news once I have signed up?
Answer: If you want to change the format in which you receive your news -- from HTML to text-only or from text-only to HTML -- go to and click on the appropriate link: Setup Plain Email to switch to text-only, or Setup HTML Email to switch to HTML. To make these changes in your news profile you will need to have your User ID and password ready.

Question: I am receiving my e-mail news in a strange, unreadable format. Why is this and how can I change this?
Answer: If you are receiving e-mail that contains text such as: this probably means your e-mail program is unable to read HTML even though your registered to receive news in the HTML format. To this, visit and choose Setup Plain Email. This will change your news format to text-only and ensure that you begin receiving your news in a readable format.

Question: What does InsideWorld do with my personal information?
Answer: InsideWorld will not give any third party access to your personal information and we will protect your privacy at all times. Please refer to our Privacy Statement which discloses the many aspects of our information practices and especially how we treat your personal data.

Question: If I am not receiving any of my news, what does this mean?
Answer: Go to your member page and make sure your account is active and countries have been selected for which you want to receive news. It may happen that there are no news stories available on that day for the news profiles you selected. But don't worry: Because you are a registered user, you will receive news whenever stories are available.

Question: I like your service but I am going on vacation. Can you stop sending news for 3 weeks?
Answer: This is no problem. Simply go to your member page and click the "pause my news" button. In the drop down box select how long you want to pause news, ranging from 1 day to 3 months. The pause is effective immediately and will be displayed on your account page. After the pause period is expired news service will resume automatically.

Question: How do I unsubscribe from InsideWorld News?
Answer: Go to your member page. On this page you will see a list of all countries you are currently subscribed to. Next to each country an unsubscribe button is displayed. Simply click that button and the related country is removed from your account. When you unsubscribe from receiving daily e-mails your username and password remain active, so you can still read stories or use the archive. And of course you can always come back to your account page and re-subscribe to any countries you want. An alternative way is to pause all services - as described above - for an indefinite period. This way of unsubscribing makes it easy to reactivate your service and your account remains active.

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