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  • Paul Arnhold’s glass line launches on Moda Operandi

  • Paul Arnhold’s candy-colored handblown glass pieces have been a cult hit for years — beloved by everyone from his friend Martha Stewart (she has a purple bowl) to Moda Operandi’s Lauren Santo Domingo. Now, they’re available for the masses on Santo Domingo’s site (as well as his own). Arnhold — who balances a full-time real...
  • This isn’t first time the Yankees wanted Kendrys Morales

  • Fifteen years ago this coming December, the Yankees fantasized about Kendrys Morales’ swing taking advantage of playing 81 home games at Yankee Stadium. Morales was a switch-hitting free-agent first baseman from Cuba via the Dominican Republic and the Yankees were intrigued by his bat. “We had interest. We thought he would hit home runs at...
  • Doping: WADA close to deciding on new president

  • The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) could have chosen a new president by Tuesday with Poland's Witold Banka, a former middle distance runner, and Marcos Diaz, a Hall of Fame swimmer from the Dominican Republic, competing to lead the troubled body.
  • JetBlue flight quarantined at JFK Airport after measles scare

  • A JetBlue flight that landed at JFK Airport was temporarily quarantined Sunday night after crew members mistook mosquito bites for the measles, sources told The Post. The bites appeared on a young Orthodox Jewish boy who was aboard Flight 410, which landed around 9 p.m. from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, sources said. The...
  • Cops in Dominican Republic retrieve wreckage from NY couple’s fatal crash

  • Police in the Dominican Republic have retrieved the mangled up, almost unrecognizable car that was driven by New York couple Orlando Moore and Portia Ravenelle when they suffered their fatal crash last month. The cliffside recovery was documented in a series of photos, which were captured and released by the Agence France Presse. According to...

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