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  • Latinoamérica: derecha, izquierda y melodrama

  • La condena inmediata a la represión civil en Chile es urgente y necesaria. Pero ¿por qué, ante otros acontecimientos similares en Venezuela y Nicaragua, no hubo la misma reacción?
  • Jilted lover convicted of murdering Binghamton University nursing student

  • A man was convicted of murdering a Binghamton University nursing student by a Nicaraguan court on Friday. Orlando Tercero, 23, now faces up to 30 years in prison for strangling Haley Anderson, a Long Island native, to death inside his off campus apartment in March 2018. Some trial witnesses, who had to testify via video...
  • Venezuela and El Salvador expel each others' diplomats

  • Venezuela's foreign ministry said on Sunday it was expelling El Salvador's diplomats from the country, in response to the Central American country's decision to kick out their counterparts representing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
  • El Salvador expels Venezuelan diplomats from the country

  • El Salvador said on Saturday it had ordered Venezuela's diplomats to leave the Central American country within 48 hours, arguing that the decision was in line with its position that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is illegitimate.
  • In Guatemala, Connecting With Spirits Through Giant Homemade Kites

  • Every year, the people of Sumpango, Guatemala, celebrate the Day of the Dead with giant, colorful handmade kites. The town, known globally for its massive All Saints Day Kite Festival, takes these creations very seriously. These giant kites are masterpieces that require great skill, patience and six months of hard work to construct. This ancient tradition, which dates back nearly 300 years, is also a way for residents to connect with the past. Some believe that the hum sound each kite emits when flown protects the souls of departed loved ones from bad spirits. This Great Big Story was made in partnership with Toyota Camry.

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