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  • Could World Youth Day in Panama give the Pope a boost?

  • World Youth Day in Panama is supposed to be about young people, from all over the globe, celebrating their Catholic faith with the Pope. But this year, it's happening during arguably the church's greatest crisis in the modern age.
  • The Story w/ Martha MacCallum – Wednesday, January 16

  • On Wednesday, Martha hosts a heated debate about border security with some contributors after taking a look at the latest caravan coming up from Honduras, with a look at how the Syria attacks have been causing ripples amongst the Republicans, and the wife of the Vice President is going back to work.
  • The Five - Wednesday, January 16

  • On Wednesday, the Five follow the battle between President Trump and the Democrats in the House during this shutdown stalemate, as a new caravan is moving steadily from Honduras, and the Women's March loses a major donor due to associations with Louis Farrakhan.
  • It took this separated family 246 days to reunite

  • Guatemalan mother Vilma Carrillo was reunited with her US citizen daughter after eight months apart. Advocates had warned she was at risk of losing her parental rights even though she was doing everything she could to reunite with her child.
  • The Five - Tuesday, January 15

  • On Tuesday, the Five look at the day's testimony from former and nominated Attorney General William Barr at the Capitol today, while Congressional Democrats boycott a meeting at the White House to discuss the shutdown, and another caravan this time from Honduras is picking up speed to the US.
  • Another migrant caravan prepares to leave from Honduras

  • Months after a migrant caravan sparked a fury of tweets from President Donald Trump, another is forming in Honduras, this time against the backdrop of a partial government shutdown directly linked to Trump's border wall.

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