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  • The surprises so far in the 2020 Democratic race

  • Some recent news stories verge on the bizarre: the House Democrats’ futile fuss over impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s acceptance of President Trump’s US-Canada-Mexico trade treaty. But they’re not as bizarre, or possibly as consequential, as unanticipated developments in the Democrats’ presidential nomination contest. Consider the role of money, which Democrats are always saying plays too...
  • Canada Jetlines enters into LOI with GLOBALX

  • Canada Jetlines Ltd said on Friday it has entered into a letter of intent (LOI) with U.S. based charter airline Global Crossing Airlines (GLOBALX) for a business combination.
  • Canada Goose expected to mark down jacket prices for holidays

  • The Toronto-based outerwear maker — which got a boost in 2013 when supermodel Kate Upton appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing little except one of the bulky, badge-encrusted coats — typically sells its jackets for $900 and up.
  • PRESS DIGEST- Canada-Dec 13

  • The following are the top stories from selected Canadian newspapers. Reuters has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.
  • Nets’ loss to Hornets is ‘wake-up call’ ahead of tough stretch

  • Maybe it was the 20-point lead. Or the three-game winning streak. Or the two earlier victories against the foe they were playing. Whatever the case, the Nets clearly overlooked the Hornets on Wednesday and got stung. They won’t be making the same mistake Saturday, or sleeping on the defending champion Raptors up in Toronto. “We...
  • Woman who had ‘blowup doll’ surgeries suffers complications

  • Meet Mary Magdalene, a devout “wannabe blowup doll.” At only 24 years of age, the Toronto native is certainly on a crusade: MM says she’s shelled out $100,000 modifying her body with a brow lift, three nose jobs, cheek and lip fat transfers, a trio of boob jobs, 20 dental veneers, “Brazilian butt lifts,” numerous...
  • Canada's Conservative leader Andrew Scheer resigns

  • Canada's Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer, who lost the October election to Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, announced on Thursday in the House of Commons that he has decided to resign.

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