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  • Long Island mom arrested for telling cops fake kidnap story

  • A Hempstead, Long Island, mother has been arrested for concocting a kidnapping story for police as a cover for an injury suffered by her little boy, WPIX reported Saturday. Jeymi Guerra Cordova had told Nassau County cops last week that she was pushing the stroller down Fulton Avenue when a man jumped out of nowhere,...
  • Lou Lamoriello has brought ‘chills’ back to Islanders’ fan base

  • Lou Lamoriello was sitting in a small room that first night back at the Nassau Coliseum on Dec. 1, just before the Islanders welcomed themselves and the Blue Jackets back to Long Island. Lamoriello is not often given to schmaltz or sentiment, but he couldn’t help himself as the booming noise from the arena bled...
  • Nancy Pelosi exacts her revenge on Kathleen Rice

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got the last laugh on New York Rep. Kathleen Rice Tuesday night, denying the former Nassau prosecutor a coveted seat on the lower chamber’s high-profile Judiciary Committee. Pelosi — during a tense, closed-door meeting of the Steering Committee — pushed for other lawmakers to join the panel over Rice, who had...
  • Hulu scoops Netflix with rival Fyre Fest scam documentary

  • Two streaming giants are fighting fyre with fyre. Both Netflix and Hulu have had their own projects in the works about Fyre Festival, the disastrous Bahamas-based music fest that left would-be concertgoers stranded in April 2017. But after Netflix announced Friday’s premiere date for “Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened,” Hulu responded by dropping...
  • Islanders’ winning streak comes to an end

  • Justin Williams scored late in the third period and the Carolina Hurricanes beat the Islanders 4-3 on Tuesday night at the Nassau Coliseum to snap New York’s six-game winning streak. Williams scored his 10th goal of the season 15 seconds after leaving the penalty box to make it 3-2 with 17:18 left. The 37-year-old flipped...

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