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  • Passenger who broke pelvis on Royal Caribbean attraction sues

  • A 25-year-old man is taking legal action against Royal Caribbean because he hasn’t bounced back from an injury suffered aboard one of their cruise ships, according to reports. The passenger, Casey Holladay, said he was trying out a new bungee trampoline ride on a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas last month when he suddenly...
  • Ex-Nassau County DA who uncovered SAT cheating calls for College Board overhaul

  • The former Nassau County DA who uncovered widespread SAT cheating in Long Island eight years ago says the College Board needs to be overhauled because it failed to stop the college-admissions scandal. “The College Board has lost the ability to be taken credibly,” said Rep. Kathleen Rice, now a New York congresswoman. “This stuff is...
  • Ex-NYPD cop busted for dealing drugs in Nassau County

  • He couldn’t cut it as an NYPD cop — or as a criminal. A Nassau County man who was canned after less than a year on the force in the 1980s was busted Tuesday for dealing pills, heroin, and cocaine out of his house, police said. Cops were tipped to Kenneth Riggio’s North Merrick operation...
  • Nassau and Suffolk counties want to opt out of legal weed

  • ALBANY — No weed for you! Long Islanders getting ready for legalized marijuana are going to be disappointed because both the Nassau and Suffolk County Executives said Wednesday they’re going to opt out if the state approves recreational weed. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone plans on introducing a resolution placing a one-year moratorium on the...
  • Anti-Semitic graffiti found on Ruth Bader Ginsburg poster

  • Anti-Semitic graffiti was scrawled on a billboard featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg at a subway station in Brooklyn earlier this week. The words “Die Jew Bitch” and a swastika were first spotted scribbled over the face of RBG Tuesday on an ad pushing a new book about the Supreme Court judge at the Nassau Avenue subway...

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