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  • Nassau County residents block George Floyd protesters during march

  • A group of Nassau County residents refused to let George Floyd protesters march through their neighborhood Tuesday — causing a nearly hour-long standoff that involved the police. Video taken by News 12 reporter Shari Einhorn shows a few dozen residents, including two draped in American flags, in Merrick pointing and shouting at the protesters, “You’re...
  • NYPD cop who gunned down ‘best friend’ on Long Island to be freed on bond

  • The rookie NYPD cop accused of murdering his best friend in Nassau County earlier this month will be released on bond after his lawyer told a judge that he was attacked before opening fire, a report said Wednesday. The defense attorney for officer Errick Allen, 27, said investigators collected evidence that purportedly shows victim Christopher Curro,...
  • LI priest molested me, now church is trying to keep me quiet, lawsuit says

  • A man says a Long Island priest sexually abused him when he was a teen — and that church investigators are now trying to intimidate him into silence, new court papers show. Greg Hein, 52, says in a Nassau County lawsuit that Father Gregory Cappuccino repeatedly molested him in the sacristy and rectory of St....
  • Man busted trying to scalp residents-only Long Beach passes

  • With Nassau County beaches closed to non-residents, a Long Beach man got himself into hot water for trying to scalp passes to outsiders on Craigslist, according to cops. Damian Davidson, 32, bought four season passes to the Nassau County beach for $140 each, then tried to peddle them on Craigslist for $250 a pop, police...
  • CVS to open 36 new drive-thru test sites in New York

  • CVS is opening 36 new drive-thru COVID-19 test sites in New York as part of a nationwide response to the coronavirus pandemic. New Yorkers can schedule an appointment beginning Friday to find their nearest testing site location in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Staten Island, or Inwood. Each site is expected to be able to perform...
  • New Yorkers should be allowed on Long Island beaches, de Blasio says

  • New York City residents should be allowed on Long Island’s beaches, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday — after being ripped as “irresponsible” by a top Nassau County pol for closing the Big Apple’s own shores amid the coronavirus pandemic. “This should not be about any ill feeling toward people depending on where they come...

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