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  • Long Island judge removed for ripping ‘lazy’ and ‘arrogant’ dad

  • A straight-talking Long Island judge who tossed a “lazy” and “arrogant” father in the clink for racking up $517,000 in child support and alimony arrears has been rebuked for his alleged hostility toward the man. A mid-level appeals panel removed Nassau County Family Court Justice Thomas Rademaker from the case for taking “an adversarial stance...
  • Eric Schneiderman dodges criminal charges in violent sexual abuse case

  • Former New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has dodged criminal charges in the domestic-assault allegations that forced him to resign in disgrace, the special prosecutor in his case announced Thursday. Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said she made the decision following an intensive investigation — and despite being convinced the accusations were credible....
  • Rare Hemingway letter about 500-pound Marlin catch up for auction

  • A rare 1935 letter written by Ernest Hemingway about a 500-pound Atlantic Blue Marlin caught in the Bahamas is up for auction in Los Angeles this week. The catch is thought to have inspired Hemingway’s famous novel “The Old Man and the Sea.” The fishing trip occurred on May 7, 1935, when Hemingway was living...
  • Husband of newlywed who vanished at sea pleads guilty to manslaughter

  • A Florida man whose newlywed wife went missing at sea as the couple sailed off the Bahamas has pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge in federal court. Lewis Bennett entered the plea at a hearing Monday in Miami. The 41-year-old Lewis Bennett faces a maximum eight-year prison sentence in the May 2017 disappearance of Isabella...
  • Man pleads guilty in wife's disappearance at sea

  • A man with dual British and Australian citizenship whose newlywed wife went missing at sea as the couple sailed off the Bahamas on a belated honeymoon pleaded guilty Monday to an involuntary manslaughter charge in federal court.
  • This police spokeswoman doesn’t hold back on Twitter

  • The personal Twitter account of a Nassau County Police Department spokeswoman is littered with rude, crude jabs at critics of President Trump — including one telling Jane Fonda to “die already.” “Hanoi Jane should SHUT THE F- -K UP !!” Detective Maureen Roach, who is also a public information officer for the department, tweeted on Saturday,...
  • Two teens critically injured in Long Island crash

  • A pair of Long Island teens were badly hurt when a car rammed into them as they were leaving school on Wednesday. The female high school students, who are about 15-years-old, were standing near the intersection of Elmont Road and Dutch Broadway with two friends, as a crash involving four vehicles occurred, according to Nassau...
  • The WWE has a new women’s star after Evolution

  • Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella may have been the Evolution main event, but the night belonged to Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. When fans talk about the highlight of WWE’s first all-women’s pay-per-view, it will be what Lynch and Flair did in and around the ring at Evolution on Sunday at NYCB Live at Nassau...

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