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  • Ivory for sale in Angola; big tuskers die in Kenya

  • In this photo taken Sunday, March 2, 2014 and provided by Lucy Vigne, Chinese visitors look at souvenirs made of ivory for sale at the Benfica market on the outskirts of Luanda, Angola. The market on the outskirts of Angola’s capital sells more than 10,000 pieces of ivory, making it the largest market in southern Africa to openly sell illegal elephant tusks, according to two researchers who traveled to Luanda and surveyed the items of ivory for sale, seeking to raise awareness of the dangers the ivory trade poses to the existence of Africa’s elephants. (AP Photo/Lucy Vigne)NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The artist market just north of Angola's capital sells paintings, hand-carved wooden animals and newly woven baskets. It is also sells more than 10,000 pieces of ivory, making it the largest market in southern Africa to openly sell elephant tusks, an illegal trade.

  • Brazil's Rousseff gets a boost as World Cup starts well

  • Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff waits to receive Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos at the Planalto Palace in BrasiliaBy Brian Winter SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazil's hosting of the World Cup has been far from perfect but it has gone more smoothly than many expected, boosting President Dilma Rousseff's chances for re-election in October. Preparations for the month-long soccer tournament were plagued by delays and overspending on stadiums, and numerous infrastructure projects that did not get finished. Those problems did not magically go away when Brazil opened the tournament with a victory over Croatia last Thursday. Rousseff has tied her fate to the World Cup, championing it as a chance to show Brazil's recent economic progress to the world.


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