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  • Snowmobile season kicks off in northern New England

  • Snowmobile season kicks off in northern New England this weekend but trails are only open in areas of Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire that have enough snow left from the two early season snowstorms in November
  • Parents use son’s obituary to call for gun control

  • It took less than half an hour for Andrew Robert Black to buy a gun in Vermont that he used to kill himself – an impulsive act that his parents say might’ve been prevented if the state mandated a waiting period between purchasing and possessing firearms. In his obituary, Black, 23, was remembered as an...
  • Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren meet ahead of 2020

  • Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders met Wednesday night as speculation about their plans for the 2020 presidential election heats up, a source familiar with the meeting said.
  • Special Report With Bret Baier - Wednesday, December 12

  • On Wednesday, Bret sits down with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to discuss a range of topics from the bipartisan bill wanting to keep Saudi Arabia in check to his political future, while Europe is heating up between the Brexit dilemma in Britain to the terrorist attack in France.
  • Man builds a giant middle finger statue to flip off town officials

  • A Vermont business owner erected a statue of a middle finger on his front lawn to spite town officials. Ted Pelkey, from Westford, Vermont, says he’s been fighting an uphill battle with local town authorities over a garage he wanted to build on his property. “I’ve been put through the wringer by these people, and...

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