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  • Clyburn: 'This is not a police state'

  • The South Carolina Congressman says legislators must demilitarize police, pass gun safety laws and repeal "stand your ground" to stop needless violence
  • Peaceful black protesters arrested in South Carolina and Missouri

  • Two peaceful black protesters in South Carolina and Missouri were arrested during demonstrations against police brutality, videos show. In Charleston County, South Carolina, a demonstrator, identified as Givionne Jordan Jr. by The Post and Courier, is seen kneeling amid a line of peaceful protesters while facing officers in SWAT gear on Sunday afternoon, video shows....
  • Baker Mayfield’s offseason moves include wedding dance party

  • Baker Mayfield looks ready for his next touchdown dance. The third-year Browns quarterback showed off his moves at a cousin’s wedding last month in South Carolina, according to video obtained by TMZ, which featured Mayfield standing at the center of a crowd. Mayfield, 25, has kept something of a low-profile this offseason, popping up on...
  • Clarke Schmidt could be part of Yankees’ plans in a short season

  • Part 2 in a series on the Yankees’ top prospects. Damon Oppenheimer knew Clarke Schmidt’s stuff while pitching for the University of South Carolina was good enough to take the right-hander with the 16th pick in the 2017 draft. There was something else Schmidt possessed that Oppenheimer understood would get him through the trying times...
  • Building a better boot camp: How to make Marines during the pandemic — and beyond

  • Picture Marine Corps boot camp. You probably see a huge drill instructor screaming directly into the face of a determined young recruit. Well, all that’s on hold for now. Roughly 2,000 new recruits have passed through Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and their experiences have...

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