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  • As a result of Trump, the suburbs are nearly gone for the GOP

  • The lesson learned from Pennsylvania, which went for Donald Trump in 2016, is the same as for the rest of the country, writes Charlie Dent. As a result of his election and performance in office, the suburbs are nearly completely gone for the Republican Party.
  • Gloomy Hotel Pennsylvania isn’t getting replaced any time soon

  • Sorry to all you lovers of super-tall towers: Dreams of a mega-skyscraper to replace the gloomy Hotel Pennsylvania will have to wait at least a few more years. Vornado Realty Trust — which owns so much property in the Penn Station area that it seems like a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded giant...
  • Creep tried to lure 3-year-old girl into van with ‘puppy’: cops

  • A creep from New York tried to lure a 3-year-old girl into his van in Pennsylvania with a puppy, police said. Sixtus Chiemeka Udeke, 39, was arrested Friday after the girl’s mother told police that a man in a silver Ford van asked her for a cigarette as she pulled into a parking lot at...
  • Trump could lose Pennsylvania in 2020 if the Dems hone their message

  • Pennsylvania is not a slam dunk for Donald Trump’s re-election next year. That’s one takeaway from Tuesday’s elections, which turned the Philadelphia suburbs even bluer, as Republicans suffered additional congressional losses following last year’s midterms. The Democrats have gone from a 13-5 minority in the House to a 9-9 split. These results in the eastern...

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