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  • Teen intentionally drives car off scenic cliff — and survives

  • A teen boy in Oregon intentionally drove his car off a scenic cliff — and climbed out of the vehicle unscathed, according to police. The teenager, who wasn’t identified, drove the car Friday afternoon through a historic stone wall at Ochoco Wayside State Park in a “non-accidental” incident, according to Prineville Police. The 2000 Mazda...
  • Oregon man convicted in racially motivated murder of black teen

  • A jury in Oregon on Tuesday convicted a white man of murdering a black teen while wearing a hat with white supremacist symbols, striking the victim with his Jeep after a dispute at a convenience store parking lot more than two years ago. The jury of four women and eight men who deliberated nearly 10...
  • Jury convicts Oregon man in hate-crime killing of black teen

  • A jury on Tuesday convicted an Oregon man wearing a hat with white supremacist symbols of murder, a hate crime and hit-and-run in the death of a black teenager, who was run down in suburban Portland after an altercation in a convenience store parking lot.
  • This simple act can make your coworkers happier and healthier

  • Tip your waitstaff and thank your nurses. Being thanked more frequently at work can ultimately benefit physical health, according to a recent study involving acute-care nurses in Oregon. Receiving expressions of gratitude improved these nurses’ satisfaction with their work and in turn predicted sounder sleep, more attempts to eat healthy and even fewer headaches. This...
  • Selection Sunday 2019 is here: It’s nail-biting time for St. John’s

  • Emblematic of this roller-coaster season, the day started well for St. John’s. But it finished poorly. It began with bid-stealers losing, but closed with one prevailing, creating doubt of where the Red Storm stand as Selection Sunday arrives. Before Oregon beat Washington in the PAC-12 Tournament final late Saturday night, most respected and widely read...

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