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  • Shamorie Ponds could use one more year before NBA jump

  • DAYTON, Ohio — Some might consider Chris Mullin to be in a weird spot. After all, his best player, Shamorie Ponds, still has a year of eligibility left. And Mullin, who led St. John’s to its first NCAA berth since 2015, could certainly benefit by building one more year around his star point guard. But...
  • Belmont, popular NCAA Tournament Cinderella, melts down vs. Maryland

  • JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — John Calipari is prone to hyperbole. So, Rick Byrd could only laugh when he heard his friend called Belmont “the most dangerous team in the country.” Now, the Bruins won’t even have the opportunity to become America’s most popular. After sneaking into the First Four with the Ohio Valley Conference’s first at-large...
  • Defendant sentenced to six more years after cursing out judge

  • When a defendant flipped out in court after receiving a 22-year sentence, the Ohio judge gave him six additional years behind bars. Watch the expletive-laden outburst at Lake County Common Pleas Court. This was the fourth time defendant Manson Bryant had stood before Judge Eugene Lucci.   Subscribe to our YouTube here.
  • 3 teens dead after speeding car smashes into bus

  • Newly released video from a fatal car crash in Trotwood, Ohio, shows the horrifying moment a speeding Pontiac runs a red light and smashes into a city bus outside Dayton. Three teenagers, one of whom was 15, died in the March 10 accident.   Subscribe to our YouTube here.
  • Sen. Rick Scott: Why New Yorkers flee for Florida

  • The tax-reform law stops high-tax states from burdening the rest of us with their irresponsible decisions. America is a marketplace where states are competing with each other, and New York is losing. Their loss is Florida’s gain -- and Texas’ and South Carolina’s and Ohio’s and Indiana’s.

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