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  • The MTA’s dysfunction starts at the top

  • The Metropolitan Transportation Authority moves 8.6 million passengers daily across 736 stations. It employs 74,087 workers and spends $16.7 billion annually. Yet nobody is in charge. As the MTA prepares a midsummer plan to “restructure” itself, one question arises: Does the public-authority structure, which has governed transit for 51 years, work? The MTA is different...
  • 2020 Democrats’ hope-killing anti-poverty promises

  • Nine Democratic presidential hopefuls, including frontrunners Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren, flocked to the Poor People’s Moral Action Congress on Monday, each trying to out-pander rivals and promise the most handouts. It was an alarming spectacle for anyone who works for a living. These Democratic candidates don’t believe jobs are the way to...
  • Key West brings back barefoot elegance after Hurricane Irma

  • It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good, and for all the havoc that hurricane Irma wreaked on the Florida Keys in September 2018, there was indeed a silver lining at Parrot Key Hotel in Key West. At the resort, extensive flooding and damage prompted a full studs-up $25 million makeover, and the result...
  • Another suspect arrested in connection to David Ortiz shooting

  • An 11th suspect in the shooting of Red Sox slugger David Ortiz was apprehended by authorities in the Dominican Republic on Tuesday. Franklin Junior Meran was busted for allegedly renting one of the cars used in the June 9 shooting at a bar in Santo Domingo, authorities said. Ten other suspects, including the shooter, have...
  • Canadian man gets 26 years for aiding in murder of US troops in Iraq

  • A Canadian man who aided in the 2009 murder of five American soldiers in Iraq was sentenced to 26 years in jail by a Brooklyn federal judge Tuesday — despite objections from the victims’ families. Several of the slain soldiers’ grief-stricken relatives appeared in court to demand that Faruq Khalil Muhammad ‘Isa, 51, spend the...
  • Blooming brides get creative with floral crowns

  • Brides have been accessorizing with floral embellishments since the 1960s, inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s shiny mane completely entwined with sweet-orange blossoms for her wedding to Richard Burton in 1964. Floral halos, even the masterfully crafted one-offs, are not limited to just the Hollywood set. Every bride on any budget can feel veiled in a bit...
  • Florida cop found guilty of negligence after shooting autistic man, caretaker

  • MIAMI — A Florida police officer has been convicted of a misdemeanor but acquitted of attempted manslaughter for shooting at a severely autistic man and wounding the man’s caretaker. A jury deliberated for four hours late Monday before finding North Miami police Officer Jonathan Aledda guilty of culpable negligence in the 2016 shooting of caretaker...

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