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  • New Jersey woman sleeps with knife after Stephen King creation lands in backyard

  • It’s your worst dream come true. A “bloodied” Pennywise the clown doll mysteriously floated into a New Jersey mom’s backyard — prompting the creeped out woman to call the police, torch the toy and sleep with a knife. Renee Jensen, 42, said she was relaxing in her backyard in Harrington Park on Saturday with her...
  • New Jersey cops find mummified human remains, altar during raid in child sex case

  • New Jersey police raiding the house of a man accused of sexually assaulting a young girl made a horrifying discovery — mummified human remains and an “altar to an unknown deity,” according to officials. Officers searched the Newark house of Robert Frank Williams, 53, with a search warrant after he was accused of molesting a...
  • New Jersey keeping faith amid tough LLWS circumstances

  • The rain and a six-run deficit didn’t wash away any of the Elmora Little League’s belief. The team from Elizabeth, N.J. saw its second-round Little League World Series game suspended because of rain trailing Central East Maui, 6-0, with one out in the top of the fifth inning Sunday in Williamsport, Pa. Little League games...
  • CNN10 - 8/19/19

  • Problems involving lead and tap water are growing in New Jersey, experts aim to add new rules concerning Chomolungma, and a 103-year-old takes a record skydive.
  • President Trump says he doesn’t see a recession on the horizon

  • WASHINGTON – President Trump tried to alleviate fears of a recession on Sunday, echoing recent statements from his top economic advisers. “I don’t see a recession,” Trump said as he headed to Washington D.C. after vacationing in Bedminster, New Jersey. He added: “I’m prepared for everything. I don’t think we’re having a recession.” The comments...
  • Whole Foods worker fired over trauma of black-widow spider bite: lawsuit

  • This firing really bites. A Whole Foods staffer from New Jersey was bitten by a black-widow spider at work — and then fired because he was too terrified to return to his section, according to a lawsuit. Richard Highsmith says the highly venomous spider bit his arm after it crawled out of a produce crate...

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