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  • Giants’ Golden Tate learns rule No. 1 of living in New Jersey

  • Welcome to stinky Jersey, Golden Tate! “Wait… is it a thing for the attendants to pumped your gas in Jersey?” the newly minted Giants wide receiver tweeted Friday morning. Why yes it is. A former Giant also chimed in on the unique law. “Ya bro you’re not allowed to pump your own gas. It tripped...
  • Florida man accused of threatening to kill Democratic lawmakers

  • A Florida man was busted Friday for allegedly leaving voicemails threatening to kill three Democratic lawmakers — and expressing his hatred to each for freshman Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar. The feds announced that John Kless, 49, of Taramac, called California Rep. Eric Swalwell, Detroit Rep. Rashida Tlaib and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker at their...
  • State trooper accused of sharing child porn with victim’s own mother

  • A New Jersey state trooper has been accused of responding to an offer to sexually assault a 5-year-old girl – from the child’s own mother, according to a report. Jeffrey Reitz, 47, of Williamstown, exchanged emails with the woman on Dec. 31, 2014, during which she suggested that he sexually assault the girl, reported....
  • Nets suffer ugly Game 3 loss to 76ers, resurgent Ben Simmons

  • The Nets rolled down the New Jersey Turnpike for their first-round playoff opener and snatched home-court advantage from Philadelphia. Thursday in Brooklyn, they gave it right back. In their first home playoff game in four years, the Nets suffered a 131-115 Game 3 loss to the Sixers before a sellout crowd of 17,732 at Barclays...
  • Daughter defends mother against rabid fox using ax, shovel

  • A woman was bitten twice by a rabid gray fox in New Jersey on Saturday afternoon, prompting her daughter to use an ax and a shovel to try to kill the animal, according to Animal Control officials. The woman, who lives on a farm in Blairstown, N.J., had gone outside to feed her cats when she was attacked,...
  • Don’t expect Manhattan tolls to ease traffic or fix the subways

  • “Congestion pricing” is supposed to ease traffic and raise enough funds to fix the subways, but it’s becoming increasingly clear: It’ll do neither. Take, for example, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement Wednesday that he and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy will set up cashless tolls on the Hudson River crossings. That’ll pave the way for discounts,...

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