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  • Woman uses hair dryer to stop speeders

  • The Montana Highway Patrol awarded a grandmother with the unofficial title of "honorary state trooper" after she has attempted to slow down speeders in her neighborhood using a hair dryer.
  • Feral hogs from Canada may go hog wild in US: report

  • Packs of wild hogs from Canada appear to be edging closer to the US border — and wildlife officials are squealing over the ecological nightmare they could cause, according to a report. Feral boar sightings are spiking near the Montana border as the aggressive, sometimes disease-carrying invaders move south, U.S. Department of Agriculture officials warned,...
  • Democrats not in Thursday’s debate are desperate to stay relevant

  • WASHINGTON — The 10 Democrats who didn’t qualify for Thursday’s debate are doing everything they can — bad jokes and all — to keep the spotlight on themselves. For Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, that meant trying to tickle voters’ funny bones. Bullock penned a BuzzFeed listicle featuring cringers like: “The mama buffalo dropped her son...
  • The Wildest Product Testers in the Biz

  • In Montana, the most dedicated product testers in the industry get ready to work every day. They problem solve, put their hairy, hairy backs into it and get the job done. Never mind that they’re 600-pound grizzly bears. When bears become habituated to human food, they are often considered dangerous and are either killed or put into captivity. So to keep both bears and people safe, the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center in Montana uses large grizzlies to test bear-resistant products. If the bears are unable to break into a cooler or trashcan in one hour, they get the grizzly seal of approval. If not, the bears get a much deserved lunch break.

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