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  • Tiz the Law wins the Florida Derby in front of no fans

  • MIAMI — If there is a Kentucky Derby this year, Tiz the Law will have a shot to be there. And if he runs the way he did in the Florida Derby, he could very easily be a contender. Tiz the Law ran away in the stretch Saturday to easily win the Florida Derby, wrapping...
  • Kentucky AG calls for halt on abortions during coronavirus crisis

  • Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who is widely considered to be a protege to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., made the push to stop abortions in his state after the ACLU sued several Texas officials over a similar mesure in that state.
  • With the Olympics off, track star takes training cues from ‘Rocky’

  • In August 2018, track sensation Sydney McLaughlin made seismic moves for her career. The Dunellen, NJ, native left the University of Kentucky, forgoing her remaining three years of NCAA eligibility to turn pro, moved out to Los Angeles, notched a blockbuster deal with New Balance worth a reported $1.5 million a year and signed with...
  • Who is Thomas Massie? ‘Masshole’ infuriates DC with coronavirus aid stunt

  • WASHINGTON — Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie made himself the most hated man in Washington — and maybe the nation — on Friday when he forced colleagues to return to vote in person for the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill. The bill easily passed after the libertarian Republican was shouted down by outraged colleagues. Massie said...
  • Lawmakers from both parties unleash fury at Kentucky congressman

  • President Donald Trump called for throwing him out of the Republican Party. Former Secretary of State John Kerry called him an "a--hole." His Democratic colleagues said he threatened the public safety of everyone in the Capitol. And even his own Republican House leaders tried to talk him out of it, according to a source.

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