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  • Arizona man beheaded roommate’s dog as she moved out: police

  • A woman moving out of a home in Arizona made a horrifying discovery over the weekend when she opened a box and discovered her mutilated and headless dog inside, officials said. The Buckeye Police Department said the woman was moving out of a home she shared with 21-year-old Jose Vega Meza in the Phoenix suburb...
  • Diamondbacks vs. Rockies: Colorado’s pitching will be it’s undoing

  • The Arizona Diamondbacks enter their series with the Colorado Rockies as the second-best team in the National League over their past 11 games, going 8-3 in that stretch. The Rockies are coming off a four-game series against the San Diego Padres in which they blew two leads of three or more runs in ninth inning....
  • Recycle & Reuse: Composting: What to put in it

  • In the 1970s, a study took place by the University of Arizona whose students dug into landfills to see the state of trash that had been buried for over a decade. To their surprise, they found that the food put…
  • More info out over deaths in Dominican Republic, like man foaming at mouth

  • More information is coming out about tourists who have mysteriously died in the Dominican Republic, including a New Jersey resident who suddenly fell ill last week — and an Arizona man who had “something green” foaming from his mouth following his death, a report says. “It was something that came way out of left field,”...
  • Maggots found on patient at same Arizona facility where disabled woman allegedly raped

  • Maggots were discovered crawling on a patient at the same Arizona health facility where a female resident was allegedly raped by a nurse, according to officials. The Department of Health Services announced their plans Friday to revoke Hacienda HealthCare’s license after “several” maggots were discovered on the surgical incision of a 28-year-old male resident, AZ...

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