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  • Nathan Patterson, signed by A’s after viral pitch, dominates in pro debut

  • If his first outing is any indication, the Oakland Athletics’ Nathan Patterson signing wasn’t just a publicity stunt. The 23-year-old fan who earned a contract after hitting 96 mph during a ballpark speed-pitch challenge struck out the side in the first inning in his professional debut Thursday in the Arizona League, a rookie-level league in...
  • Even Bruce Arians can’t save the Buccaneers this season

  • Coach Bruce Arians has been the quarterback whisperer for young players — see Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck — and has shown he can revitalize a veteran’s career like he did for Carson Palmer in Arizona. Tampa Bay has brought him in to do the same with Jameis Winston, who is in the final year...
  • ‘Professional cuddler’ instructed woman to ‘suck her nipple’: report

  • A professional cuddler took things too far when she asked a client to suckle at her breast, according to a report. The unnamed client filed a complaint with the state’s massage board claiming that Tempe-area cuddler Susanne Woodward engaged in sexual misconduct in May during an $80 appointment, the Arizona Republic reported. In the complaint,...
  • Giants vs. Diamondbacks: Madison Bumgarner will keep rolling

  • Apparently you shouldn’t call Aaron Boone or Brett Gardner “Fredo” either. … Reader Don Reed writes, “Rosie Ruiz got caught cutting in line at the pearly gates.” Giants and D’backs, two wild-card eligible teams, are in Arizona. San Fran has a better record on the road. Unfortunately, so does Arizona, and Merrill Kelly heads to...
  • Warning signs for Sanders in Iowa

  • Troubling signs in Iowa for Sanders, Warren's return to an issue that hurt her in the past, Arizona as a front line in the gun debate, and an ugly nomination fight brewing in the Senate -- it's all in this week's Inside Politics forecast.

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