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  • Alaskan grocer travels over 14 hours to feed his town

  • Toshua Parker, the owner of Icy Strait Wholesale in Gustavus, Alaska, is traveling over 14 hours to feed his town of 450 people. The trip to the next town, Juneau, is over 50 miles, but Parker and his staff have been picking up everything from milk and eggs to appliances and hardware for their community.
  • Covering the protests and riots sweeping America

  • Brian Stelter says the "I can't breathe" protests have stretched from Augusta, Maine to Anchorage, Alaska. Acts of vandalism have occurred in at least three dozen cities, making this "the worst weekend of civil unrest in America since the 1960s," Stelter says.
  • Dormant ‘zombie fires’ are burning in the Arctic again

  • Fierce fires that have lain dormant for months are igniting once again across the Arctic region. The so-called “zombie fires,” which are remnants of record blazes seen last year, may be reemerging due to an unusually warm and dry spring. As previously documented in other cold regions, such as Alaska, the infernos survive underground during...
  • Iditarod champ Thomas Waerner stranded in Alaska due to coronavirus issues

  • ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Thomas Waerner won this year’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in March, but he is still waiting to return to his home in Norway. Waerner and his 16 dogs have been stranded in Alaska by travel restrictions and flight cancellations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, The Anchorage Daily News reported Saturday. “I...
  • Alaska resident with rifle aids unarmed police after firearms incident

  • A 19-year-old Alaska man is facing attempted murder charges after breaking into a public safety building and firing on an unarmed village police officer, authorities said. It happened in Alaska’s Village of Kwethluk on May 16 and Kwethluk’s Public Safety Administrative Chief, Nicolai Joseph said that a potential mass shooting was avoided, Alaska Public Radio...

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